ALLSITE Timeline - The times of lonely fighters are over!

Today, productive work is accomplished by teams. Efficient information policies, intelligent data management and streamlined communication are the key prerequisites for fruitful team collaboration and successful projects.

ALLSITE Timeline has the radical and refreshing agenda to comprise all the project related and electronic communication devices (agenda, files, emails, memos, news, minutes, discussions, …) in one single software.

ALLSITE Timeline is easy to use, clear and self-explanatory. ALLSITE Timeline offers only the key features a user really needs for his everyday work. In this respect ALLSITE Timeline is different from the powerful, complex and monolithic software systems like enterprise content management, document management and enterprise wiki systems. ALLSITE Timeline combines those key features with a totally new approach to integrate emails with Web-2.0-technologies like Blog and RSS. The completely new "timeline" component enables users to file their data and knowledge along the most natural classification system: time.


ALLSITE will enable your company to...

simplify collaboration.

minimize redundancies.

enhance efficiency.

shorten project durations.

create transparancy.

create a corporation-wide knowledge base.

retain valuable employee knowledge in your company.