ALLSITE Enterprise - the central communication and collaboration platform in your company

ALLSITE Enterprise is an integrative solution for communication in your company. A single web platform is the central tool for the collaboration within and with your company. ALLSITE Enterprise comprises various features of ALLSITE Timeline and ALLSITE Web Content as well as applications which are especially tailored to your needs and which can be integrated in your already existing IT infrastructure.

Moreover ALLSITE Enterprise offers a range of enterprise features such as creating an individual menu structures for projects, cross-linking of documents and pages, version control with check in/check out functionality and many more.

Due to the fact that in ALLSITE Enterprise all versions of information are historicised, it is now possible to trace the development of projects. It is considerably easier to find important information within a project, so work redundancies are avoided. In addition to that, the company moves towards SOX Compliance.

Faster and more transparent access to the company’s knowledge gathered by the communication process enhances innovation.

ALLSITE opens new perspectives for the communcation process within a company. Companies can only be competitive if they can easily and quickly get hold of the company’s collected knowledge.


ALLSITE will enable your company to...

simplify collaboration.

minimize redundancies.

enhance efficiency.

shorten project durations.

create transparancy.

create a corporation-wide knowledge base.

retain valuable employee knowledge in your company.