ALLSITE Web Content - easy routine content management

Wouldn’t it be the easiest way to edit the content of a webpage by writing directly on the webpage? With ALLSITE Web Content this vision has come true. Editing webpages has become as easy as surfing the Net or writing a Word document.

Despite the unusual simplicity for the user, ALLSITE Web Content does not lack efficiency. Among other things, the system offers the following features:

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor

Technical separation of design and content

Page templates enable to configure the allowed formatting operations and the allowed combinations of content elements as defined in your CI styleguide.

The Image Resizer automatically converts the uploaded pictures into the right pixel size for the web.

Multilingual websites and UTF-8 type encoding (all characters of the world)

Ability to run multiple websites on one ALLSITE server

Efficient user rights management system

Approval workflow for website content publishing

Changing the website structure by drag and drop operations

Archiving of all the publicised webpage contents, automatically and completely

Scalability – ALLSITE Web Content is capable to run on load-balanced servers

Platform independence – as a Java web application, ALLSITE Web Content is bound neither to a specific server operating system nor to a specific application server or a specific database.

ALLSITE Web Content is expandable with various ALLSITE components, costumised modules and tailored web applications. Please contact us to discuss your web project.


Your company will benefit considerably from the following advantages:

High quality, high performance company website

High usability

State-of-the-art technologies

Vendor independence through industrial standards

Future-proof investment

Premium Support